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Home Events D&D Thursday One Shots

D&D Thursday One Shots

Tonight’s game, “By the Light of the Moon,” (CCC-TAROT-01-02) is brought to you by DM Allen. He will have AL legal pre-generated heroes available for your use, or you can bring your “Historic” AL-Legal tier one Characters and their Log Sheets. The game is the second in a series of SEVEN adventures, so Level 1 is recommended, if you’d like your character to play the other parts.
“Storms batter Thentia and the rains are threatening to wash away what little farmland is available. But these are not the only storms to threaten the peace as various powers wage a quiet struggle around the city. Are you brave enough to become an Agent of the Fates?”
YES – tonight’s game is Adventurers League legal. It will fall under the “Historic” season rules as currently shown in the Historic Campaign Players Guide v1.0, dated February 24, 2021.
These weekly D&D One-Shots are just that – one-shot adventures, not a part of an ongoing campaign. They are all designed to be completed in one game session. Each game will be run by an experienced Dungeon Master who will help you learn and experience the Best Game in the World. Pre-generated heroes will always be available for you to portray, as well as dice, pencils, etc. Just bring your imagination and your sense of adventure! Table size is limited to six players.
Space Cadets Gaming Gaming is doing something new for the game sign-ups now. In order to sign up, you simply follow the link below, and pay the $3 fee (fully redeemable as store credit) to reserve your seat at the table. Your table credits may be used to purchase snacks, dice, figures, or save them toward a new Player’s Handbook!
Have fun, everyone!

The event is finished.

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